Associations and For-Purpose organisations do not exist in a vacuum. You operate in a business world, competing with for-profits, with the best of everything and money to burn on a digital roadmap or digital transformation. Leave you feeling like there is no way to compete? We are happy to tell you, there is. You can compete and you can prosper.


Roadmap Your Digital Transformation

With a properly road-mapped digital transformation you can bring your organisation into the Now with cutting-edge digital solutions, just like companies with millions in turnover. With our assistance, you can avoid these simple mistakes along the way...

Data Divas Digital Transformation

Don't miss the bigger picture

You can fix an immediate problem, perhaps simply enough, but have you put any thought into a long-term Digital Roadmap? This will make sure you move with the times and stay on top of your organisation’s digital needs as they arise, rather than when they become a larger problem. Long-term planning leads to long-term success.


Don’t blur the lines

It is all too easy to get carried away with the new and innovative, switching tracks without even realising. Adopting the latest tech can seem like a good idea but it can leave things half-finished, failing to maximise the return on your projects. Developing up a Digital Roadmap sets the foundations for a clear and focused vision. This allows you to complete each step to its fullest potential, without getting lost in the process.


Don’t Underestimate the Job at Hand

Upgrading your software to an integrated Member Management System (MMS) / Content Management System (CMS) sounds like a great idea and how hard can it be honestly? Well we can tell you that without the right expertise it can turn into a long and painful process, often with a time and budget blow-out to boot. With the right support at your disposal, you can go from conception to reality within a realistic time-frame and budget.


Don’t Make Do

Sometimes it is easy to become complacent. “We know our system, and have used it for years. Let's just make do with what we have. We will create workarounds and cobble things together so it does what we want.” On the surface, this can seem the easy option. In reality, you could spend twice as many hours and experience tenfold the problems. Trying to force an older system to perform in ways for which it was not designed is recipe for frustration. Upgrading to the newer generation of integrated member management systems may initially need a bigger financial outlay, however it will ultimately save you time and money. It can also provide your members, staff and other stakeholders with an effective system, better user experience (Ux) and increase your reporting capabilities.


DO have the right people in the right positions

You have a web content manager. They have worked for you for many years and have always done a wonderful job. You would love for them to take on your upgrade, overseeing the project. The reality is that only one in eight digital transformations get it right, with a staggering 84% failing to meet the desired outcome. Your current administrator may rise to the challenge. You may also find yourself with an overwhelmed, frustrated employee; lacking both the time (outside of routine tasks) and knowledge base to scope and implement the project. Not to mention rally and educate your other stakeholders, and get the job done on time and on budget.


Website upgrades and digital integration via Software-as-a-Service solutions are a completely different ball game. The difference is especially relevant in the 21st century. We can work in partnership with your existing team and furthermore, we can end-to-end manage your transformation project. Our flexible expertise offers you budgeted and time managed digital transformations, at the level of involvement determined by you.


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